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Further. Faster. Forever.

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Who Are We?

In 2012 on the Instagram photo sharing app a group of athletes who were consistently posting about accomplishments and workouts, began to come together as an online community. These athletes began to encourage, inspire and challenge one another. As the months have gone on others have started catching on to this athletic community . . . and the hash tag is spreading!

What does it take to be a part of the FurtherFasterForever community? A commitment to living an athletic life that inspires and encourages fellow athletes. We are all in this together, rookie or veteran, to inspire & encourage one another to go Further. Faster. Forever.



Recent News

  1. 2014 Ragnar SoCal F3 Relay Team

      Introducing Our Community Team Runners and Our Sponsors     On the morning of April 4th, 2014, the relay team, Further Faster Forever F3, will combine efforts, energy, teamwork and laughs to cover 200 miles from Huntington Beach, Ca to San Diego, Ca.  The team of 12 runners will...
  1. Athlete of The Week – Jacette Valenzuela

      Congratulations Jacette, for being our final Athlete of the Week for 2013.  Be sure to read this interview about inspiration, training, and upcoming events.  We are proud of you. Tell us about how you started running and then moved into ultra distances.  A friend convinced me to sign up...
  1. #F3 Tag – Writing goals down

    Writing goals down is a powerful action in itself as it provides many channels of direction, opportunity and accountability. Here are a few examples why writing goals down works and sharing them with others is inspiring. Endurance sports involve crazy training hours, managing sleep and staying on top of nutrition.  Some...
  1. Powered By Bits

    We know you are training hard and we’re excited that you are part of the Further Faster Forever community. To give you a nutritional edge for your training, we want you to know about ENERGYbits® which are quickly becoming the fuel of choice for runners and triathletes. ENERGYbits® provides a steady stream...

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Charity Miles

Charity Miles, Charity, Raise Money, Awareness, Partner, Sponsor We have partnered with Charity Miles to create the team FurtherFasterForever to earn money for charities together! Start using the app today on Android or iPhone.

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