Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorial Run & Ride


newtown logo ribbonWe are very broken up over what happened in Newtown Connecticut on December 14, 2012. Over the weekend we watched in awe and cried in disbelief at the pain the families of these children and adults must feel. We wanted to do something to help the people, children and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

But what could we do? We thought of sending a percentage of our online store sales, but honestly that didn’t seem like enough. We wanted to do something that would send 100% of the financial support to a broken community. We know that our finances can’t replace lives, but we know it can help to offset costs, provide meals and maybe even bring a little hope in the midst such pain and heartache.


We are excited to introduce you to HopeMob. HopeMob is a non-profit charity that has been featured on Oprah, CNN, Mashable that uses crowd-source fundraising for projects around the world. The HopeMob has several initiatives started to help the families and first responders of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. They will continue raising support until the end of January. We love the HopeMob because 100% of the donations are given to the projects they fund. The operational costs of HopeMob are covered by separate donations and through generous volunteers.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorial Run & Ride

We have decided the best way we can honor the victims of the terrible tragedy in Newtown is by hosting The Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorial Run & Ride.

Here is how it works:

    • Register at for the Run & Ride (registration costs $20 + $3.95 Active registration fee *waived if you are Active member)
  • Anytime between January 14 – 20, 2013 complete a total of 26 miles running or cycling. (You can do this all at once or over the course of a couple runs/rides)
  • 100% of entry fees from the event will be given to HopeMob projects related to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. No funds will go to other HopeMob projects or to Further Faster Forever.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorial Run & Ride is meant to be an online/individual event (although we love the idea of community and would love to see you run or ride with friends). There will be no t-shirts, divisions, awards or medals given out. This event is a way for you to make a donation to the victims and their families, while doing something to honor them by running or riding in memory of the victims.

We would love to be part of your running or riding, feel free to tag us in your photos (#FurtherFasterForever or #F3SHMRR) on Instagram and Twitter, posting them on our Facebook wall or emailing to us at Hopefully we will be able to put together various photo collages to send with the checks from HopeMob to the Sandy Hook Elementary School and Families.

No one should ever have to experience a tragedy like this. Let’s be a community of athletes that runs/rides in remembrance of the lives lost. Terrible tragedies can bring out the worst in people or they can bring out the best in people. The Further Faster Forever community is determined to be an organization that helps bring out the best not only every athlete but also in every person.

Register today for The Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorial Run & Ride

  1. December 20, 2012

    Debra at Miles to Run

    Thank you for doing this! I’m running 26 miles this week in remembrance of victims, and have been using charity miles, but will run another 26 during this time in January as well. I love that 100% of the proceeds will go directly to support those affected by this tragedy. I’ll see who else I can get in on this too. Again, thank you! xoxo

  2. January 3, 2013

    Ray Lazarine

    I’m registered to run my first marathon on Jan 13th (Disney World Orlando) … would this run qualify?

    • Avatar of FurtherFasterForever
      January 3, 2013


      Absolutely Ray! The whole point is to do 26 miles in memory of the victims, some of the F3 community have already felt compelled to run, the time frame we set up was only to give a little structure. What better way to honor children than to run the Disney marathon! So cool! Make sure to tag some pics or email them to us so we can repost about it!

  3. January 28, 2013


    When’s the last day to register?? I ran 26.2 (2 halfs). Also I saw a runner out today with a Sandy Hook Memorial Shirt. Do you have any shirts that we can buy that the proceeds will go to the victim’s families as well??

    • Avatar of FurtherFasterForever
      January 28, 2013


      Laura – we do not have shirts for sale and our event ended on January 20. There are lots of events on Facebook that benefit different charities in Newtown that are putting on events like half marathons and 5ks. Thanks again.

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